Article 1; General

1: These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, agreements and / or assignments between Roadunity the customer / participant.

2: Deviations from these general conditions must only be agreed in writing

3: Roadunity has the right to change these general terms and conditions at any time.


Article 2; Definitions

1: Roadunity: the organizer / seller of events, trips and all other (car-related) events organized for its participants and / or customers.

2: The organization or the organizer: Roadunity

3: Participant / customer: the person who participates in one of the Roadunity events and has registered for this via the website.

4: The Roadunity website:

5: Agreement: agreement concluded with Roadunity, after registration via the website and receiving a confirmation an agreement has also been entered into. The participant has explicitly indicated that he agrees to these general terms and conditions.


Article 3; Registration & agreement

1: The participant accepts an offer / event from Roadunity by registering on the website for the relevant event. The participants must give correct and correct information that does not make use of the rights of others.

2: The participant declares that all information that the participant has with the registration or at any other time to Roadunity or has given to where, accurate, current and complete and the participant undertakes – if necessary – changes with to pass on the data to Roadunity so that the participant guarantees that the data is true, accurate and accurate stay completely. Roadunity is not required to be a focused to investigate the accuracy and completeness of the participant provided information.

3: Roadunity has the right to reject a registration if Roadunity thinks it does not fit with the relevant event. Roadunity communicate this to the participant within a few working days. After confirmation of registration, the agreement is concluded on the day that Roadunity sends a confirmation to the participant electronically.


Article 4; Organization

1: Roadunity reserves the right – without prior notice – to make changes to the schedule of an event.


Article 5; Legislation & regulations

1: The participant is not permitted – inter alia during the event – in violation of the provisions in the general terms and conditions, the relevant and applicable statutory provisions in force in the Netherlands and the care that befits social interaction.

2. If the event takes place wholly or partly abroad, the participant must also comply with the applicable laws and regulations – such as speed rules, traffic rules, safety rules, rules concerning the registration of the vehicle, rules concerning driving rights, rules regarding the insurance obligation and rules on keeping alcohol, drugs and other narcotics – to act in the country concerned.

3: The participant must be fully authorized during the event and is obliged to carry a valid vehicle registration.

4: The participant is obliged to properly insure the vehicle and himself. Under proper insurance is in any case understood to mean: a. Statutory liability insurance; b. insurance with regard to personal injury and / or death; c. health insurance; d. insurance with regard to damage to property. The participant must carry the insurance papers for the aforementioned insurance policies during the event.


Article 6; Behaviour

1: The participant is obliged to follow an instruction and / or instruction given by Roadunity.

2: The participant must guard the safety of others and themselves during the event. As soon as the driving ability of the participant – due to illness, lack of sufficient rest, medication and / or influence of narcotics – decreases, the participant may not ride any vehicle during the event.

3; The participant is not allowed to bring (hard) drugs, alcoholic beverages, fireworks, (fire) weapons or other dangerous objects with him or carry them during the event. The participant is also not allowed to ride a vehicle during the event under the influence of (hard) drugs or other narcotics and / or alcoholic beverages.

4: The participant is not allowed to compete during the event – for example with regard to speed – with another participant

5: The participant is not allowed to enter bets with other participants or visitors – in any form whatsoever.


Article 7; Media

1: Roadunity is entitled to have (parts of) the event and the participant recorded on image carriers and to make this visual material too diverse and public, as well as to grant permission to third parties for such multiplication and / or disclosure. Roadunity also reserves the right to modify the visual material and / or to name names or use sound in the visual material without the participant being able to invoke his privacy or similar rights.

2: The participant is only entitled to have (parts of) the event recorded on image carriers for personal and non-commercial purposes. Unless Roadunity has given prior written permission, the participant is not authorized to place visual material of the event on a website, printed matter and / or television program.

3: The participant transfers his industrial and intellectual property, such as copyrights, to footage on Roadunity without a further transfer will be required and without the participant being entitled to compensation for this.

Article 8; Risk

1: The participant will bear the risk during the event of lost, stolen and / or damaged goods or vehicles, as well as accidents, injuries and / or other calamities.
2: The participant is responsible for the items he carries during the event or for the items that are in the vehicle.

3: The participant bears the risk for the consequences of carrying the relevant items.


Article 9; Cancellation & dissolution

1: Roadunity is not obliged to refund the participation amount after cancellation of the agreement after 1 week – which has been made between Roadunity and the participants.

2: Without prejudice to its statutory powers of dissolution and suspension, Roadunity has the right to dissolve the agreement unilaterally with immediate effect in whole or in part and / or to fully or partially suspend the implementation of its obligations under the agreement with immediate effect, at least if one of the following events occurs:
a) the participant acts in violation of statutory regulations or stipulations;
b) the participant acts in violation of the general terms and conditions;
c) charged to the participant;
d) the participant is placed under guardianship or administration;
e) the participant otherwise loses the power of disposal or legal capacity with respect to his assets or parts thereof.
The participant is obliged to inform Roadunity immediately of the occurrence of an event referred to in sub c to e.


Article 10; Payment

1: Immediately after the agreement has been concluded, the Roadunity participant will receive an invoice by e-mail regarding the event and the number of participants for which the participant has registered.

2: The participant can pay the amount due to Roadunity by means of overbooking.

3: The participant must pay the amount due to Roadunity at the latest within the deadline set on the invoice.

4: The amount due only concerns the participation of an event. Publication with respect to petrol, ferry, food, beverage penalties, personal loss or other costs of whatever nature are exclusively for the account of the participant.

5: The participant does not have the right to a refund of the amount due, even if the participant can not drive the route for whatever reason.

6: If the participant has not paid the amount – within the deadline set on the invoice – the agreement between Roadunity and its participant will be dissolved.

7: If an overnight stay is scheduled on the schedule of the event, the participant must provide a deposit of a certain amount for the location where the night is spent.

Article 11; Liability

1: Attending an event is done by the participant entirely at your own risk.
Roadunity is not liable for: a. Damage resulting from the loss, damage or theft of a case belonging to the participant and brought to the event; b.
damage of the participant caused by another participant or visitor of the event; c. personal injury – including accidents, injuries and / or other calamities – of the participant as a result of attending the event; d. damage that the participant may suffer as a result of the fact that the participant has not provided the correct information to Roadunity.

2: If a participant is denied access to a country or city, Roadunity is not responsible and liable for the resulting costs and damage.