Strada 2018

On Sunday the 13th of May Strada 2018 will take place. Strada 2018 is an exclusive car rally for the most exclusive sports- and supercars.

"What I really liked about Strada 2017 was the perfect organisation throughout the day, I'm definitely participating again this time!"
Strada 2018

unique experience

Strada 2018 is a very unique experience you won’t forget soon. With over 100+ exclusive cars leaving the starting-grid It will be a very crazy sight!

Car passioned people

One of the best things about Strada 2018 is that you are surrounded only by car-passioned people. Chatting with other people about cars and making new friends is one of the best things to do.


Guided by a route-book, you will experience a selection of tight corners and sweeping roads with some amazing views thoughout the day.



The big start of Strada 2018 will take place at the beautiful Wapen van Beckum in Hengelo at 9:30. At exactly 11:30 the flag will drop and the event will start. The finish will take place at the beautiful Landgoed Groot Kievitsdal in Baarn at 16:00.


Strada 2018 is a well known event, therefore we can proudly say we have participators from all over Europe.


We make it a priority to only serve the best food to our participants, that's why we only work with high-quality locations so we can guarantee the best for our participants.


Guided by a route-book, you will experience a selection of tight corners and sweeping roads with some amazing views thoughout the day.


The participation in Strada 2018 includes;
 - Luxury and exclusive locations.
 - A snack and drinks at the start. 
 - A extensive luxury lunch.
 - Unlimited drinks and snacks at the finish.
 - A winding route with lots of corners on the     best roads.
 - The route book.
 - A good filled goodiebag with lots of   
   goodies and tickets.

The Strada 2018 participating cost has been fixed at €65 excl. BTW ( €78,65 incl. BTW ) 
per participating person.


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