Roadunity was founded in March 2016 by Brian van der Graaf who decided to extend his passion for exclusive sports- and supercars into car events. Brian is still the organizer of Roadunity, but Roadunity now contains of a whole crew who make every event a big success!


Roadunity organizes exclusive car events for the most exclusive sports- and supercars in Europe.

Every event we organise we search for multiple unique and exclusive locations so every participant can enjoy some beautiful locations and surroundings while having a break. The locations we choose for the event are always carefully choosen to give you the best experience of your car and the surroundings. We always make sure were diffrent than the rest, that means the most exclusive locations like castle’s, beautiful estate’s etc etc.

Most of our events are ‘tour’ events. That means that the event is fully focused on the driving-experience. You are surrounded by more than 90 of the most exclusive sports- and supercars while driving some of the most amazing roads! You can especially think of curvy dike roads, hair-pins, forest roads etc. We also make sure to have a minumum of speed-bumps, so you don’t have to slow down.

Also a part of our events are the visitors. Roadunity is starting to grow very fast and that also means we have plenty of car enthusiasts that are making some amazing photo’s and videos.

We hope to have given you more information about who we are, what we do etc. If you still have a question, or a comment, don’t hestitate to contact us! We try to answer as soon as possible.
– Roadunity