Roadunity 2k18

On 21 & 22 July the Roadunity 2K18 will take place. The Roadunity 2K18 is a very exclusive road-trip to destination unknown with a maximum of 30 of the most exclusive sports- and supercars.

"The Roadunity 2K18 is going to be the most exclusive event we've ever organized, only with the best locations, most fantastic roads and most of all unforgettable memories!"
Brian van der Graaf

unforgettable memories

During the Roaunity 2K18 you are surrounded by 30 other exclusive sports- and supercars. During the event you are guarranteed to make new friend-ships and unforgettable memories!


The Roadunity 2K18 is known for Its exclusivity. During the weekend you will experience a world of luxury. We have selected only the best and most exclusive locations, think of a 4* hotel, castles, estates etc.

Destination unknown

The Roadunity 2K18 is a one-of-a kind. You won’t get to know where the road-trip is going till you’re at the starting-grid.



We make it priority to only serve the best and most exclusive locations for you during the weekend. Therefore we have selected a 4* hotel, castles, estates etc etc. The big start of the Roadunity 2K18 will take place at the Jezuietenplein in Oudenbosch from 9:30 AM. At exactly 11:00 AM we will start-up our engines and drive the first part of the route.


The Roadunity 2K18 is a very exclusive event, therefore we can proudly say we have participators from all over Europe.


We make it a priority to only serve the best food to our participants, that's why we only work with high-quality locations so we can guarantee the best for our participants.


Guided by a route-book or a GPX Format, you will experience a selection of tight corners and sweeping roads with some amazing views thoughout the weekend.


Participation is based on 1 team (2 persons) and includes: 
 - Drinks and snacks at the start.
 - Lunch on Saturday & Sunday.
 - Diner on Saturday.
 - Drinking package during diner.
 - Overnight stay in a 4* hotel with a 
   extensive breakfast
 - Parking at the hotel.
 - Program / routebook.
 - The most exclusive locations with Castles 
   & Estates.
 - Roadunity crew who is always ready to 
   help you. 

The Roadunity 2K18 participating costs has been fixed at €375 excl. BTW ( €453,75 incl. BTW )


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